The Story behind Hoop House Creative

Hoop House Creative is the result of Connor’s passion for film and the impact it has had on him. The moment he realized the power of film and the story it brings, it changed him forever. He wanted to create and he wanted to inspire.

Story Matters: Michael and Connor

He owes his creative spark to his cousin and best friend, Michael. He took his own life in 2014 and Connor dedicated his company, Hoop House Creative, in honor of him. Michael first showed Connor how to edit, film, and be completely entranced by a passionate story. Michael was helping to build hoop houses for the hungry just months before he passed. He loved how pure and fulfilling it was to construct and grow fresh food for people in need.

Connor will never forget the inspiration he took from Michael. Connor knows Michael would be thrilled and beyond excited to see that Hoop House Creative is telling stories and making a difference in what we do within the power of film.

Our Team

Connor Parkhurst


Peoria, Illinois

Owner + Founder

I created the company in 2016. I enjoy creating music, writing and directing films, traveling (Ireland was a highlight!), and biking. My favorite part of a wedding day is making a connection. The moment when I get that shot, and capture that emotion, I can see how it all will piece together. The magic of wedding days is that I'm lucky enough to be a part of the best day of your life. Filming your wedding is one of the most important things you should do. Capturing that spark is a once in a lifetime experience and every wedding I get to film, is something truly unique and extraordinary.

Kristina Kliver


Vernon Hills, Illinois

Digital Media Producer

As the Digital Media Producer, I wear many hats at the company. First and foremost, I am a videographer and video editor. On top of that, I run our Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages. I create/organize our schedules for shoots as well as our shooters. Talking to our current and potential couples, creating contracts, and answering any questions. Long story short, I shoot, edit, and make a lot of spreadsheets! I started freelancing with Hoop House Creative in 2019 and then was brought on full-time in February of 2020.

In my spare time I like to spend time with my sheepadoodle puppy Sully, my fiancé, Jake, and I love going for long walks with him. I also teach dance two times a week and have been a dancer for my whole life, so creativity has always been a big part of my life. Other hobbies I have are cooking, reading, watching 80s movies, going on hikes with my fiancé, as well as going to antique shops/garage sales, and reading. My favorite part of the wedding day is the moment right after the first kiss. I love seeing the celebration and reaction of the couple once the marriage is official and they can celebrate the fact that they are now one family.

Brandi Nichole


Washington, Illinois

Digital Media Specialist

I do a little of all of it. I lead shoot for weddings as well as assisting on corporate shoots. Edit together wedding films, Love Stories, and corporate work. I pet the cats daily as well as make sure the office is clean and well organized. In 2021, I started freelancing with Hoop House Creative and then a few months later, in 2021, I was brought on full-time. I draw and make artsy fartsy things and sell things at conventions. I also drink lots of coffee and play with my kitties Haruko and Roshi. I love getting together with friends and creating a fun fantasy story, by the sheer luck of rolling a dice. Seeing the smiles of the couple, and their loved ones, being together and celebrating their love. I also highly enjoy the dance floor at the end of the night capturing friends and family dancing the night away!

Aaron Berger


Peoria, Illinois

Freelance Videographer

Recording video and audio on location. I started freelancing with Hoop House Creative in 2020. In my spare time, you can find me doing a lot of hiking in nature. My favorite part of the wedding day is when the bride and groom read their handwritten letters to each other and when they have their first look together.

Lore Roberts


Magnolia, Illinois


In addition to working with couples on their wedding days, I get to edit some of the videos you see on our social media platforms. When not shooting or editing weddings, I help maintain our TikTok account. I started with Hoop House Creative in April 2021 after several years as a wedding photographer and commercial videographer. Working with Hoop House has been the perfect creative combination! In my spare time, I can be found in my workshop building elaborate cosplay costumes, discussing personal growth over coffee with friends, or spending time with one of my partners in any range of activities from renaissance faires to watching a movie on the couch with their dogs. I absolutely love when couples write letters or handwritten vows to each other and share them with us. It is such an honor to be trusted with preserving such an important, intimate part of the day!